Our Story



Our story started in 2014 and was born from the idea that it was possible

to create environmentally friendly male underwear (using only organic or recycled fabrics) that would not harm our planet

while still helping communities in need around the globe.



A Simple Concept...

We believe in a different way of conducting businesses. We care!



Whenever we decide to produce something, we ask ourselves whether the materials we will use are recycled, organic or come from a renewable source. We consider the minimum use of virgin resources to meet our needs today, so we do not compromise the needs of future generations tomorrow.

At the same time, we try to maximize our impact on communities. We believe that responsibility starts with every single one of us in our decisions and actions. Our collaborations with charitable organisations help us to reach communities that would otherwise be beyond our scope.



Sexy looking and comfortable products can only be achieved with innovation and creativity. We continuously challenge ourselves to make products that enhance customer confidence. 

Every detail in every Wonderlands product reveals the extreme care we take to create a delightful experience for our customers. Feel sexy and proud of caring for the planet and the people around you!

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Our Vision is that our concept will inspire others to contribute to a fairer world and life


Our Mission is to create sexy wear for people who care


 Our decisions are based on

Sustainability (Environmental & Social) 

Fairness & Equality

Creativity & Innovation

Responsibility & Accountability




The Founder 


Eder Machado is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is responsible for Wonderlands operations. He grew up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where he acquired a Technology Degree before moving, initially to London (2003) and then to Switzerland (2006). He has held various positions in different industries and fields such as IT, HR, Sales, Communications and Finance.


Eder founded Wonderlands in 2013 by combining two of his passions: underwear design & sustainability.


He has always believed that we all should all make a contribution to a fairer World and Life. In his view, “fairness” means that taking and giving has to be in balance. Eder wishes to inspire other businesses and people with this concept, which he hopes will contribute to the preservation of our Planet and help of People in need.