Support Indigenous Peoples


Docip deliver solutions that enable indigenous peoples to act in an efficient way at the international level, in particular at United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU).


We offer services in the following areas:

  • Information Management: Information is essential for human rights recognition processes. With more than 30 years of experience as the premier information hub on indigenous issues in the international system, Docip is able to relay and receive information about constantly changing situation on indigenous rights.
  • Strategic Support: International human rights system is complex. Docip support of indigenous organizations aims to ensure that they can adequately ask, to the correct person/stakeholder, for respect and promotion of their rights, and look for effective remedies solutions to improve their situation on the ground.
  • Technical Assistance: Though multilingualism is a central concept to international systems, indigenous delegates often face problems participating in meetings and reviews because there are no translation or interpretation services. To improve their participation, Docip facilitate the communication and provide logistical services.



DOCIP and Wonderlands

Indigenous Peoples represent remarkable diversity. Around the world, over 5,000 distinct indigenous groups live in some 90 countries. Wanting to be recognized for who they are (distinct groups with their own unique cultures), Indigenous Peoples struggle with governments to respect their abilities to determine their own destinies. Ultimately, Indigenous Peoples seek to enjoy the same Human Rights like all other people.


On 12th September 2014, at La Pastorale in Geneva (Switzerland) and at the same time as the Human Rights Council Session, Wonderlands entered a Charitable Partnership Agreement with DOCIP. Wonderlands became the first worldwide brand to hold a contract with a Secretariat of the United Nations, demonstrating its support to the Indigenous Peoples in defending their Human Rights.


“The world needs mutual understanding. The best way to understand each other is to get closer and propose smart solutions. Businesses must understand the impact of their activities on the lifestyles of vulnerable populations around the world, especially those who maintain a link with nature.


Wonderlands is a good example of new businesses whose products are made to find a fair solution to maintain the equilibrium between customer needs and natural resources. This is a win-win situation. In addition, they are raising awareness among customers of our work with indigenous peoples and providing a percentage of the profits to help us to accomplish our mission.


We are happy to work with Wonderlands because of the transparent way that they are and because of the positive link they facilitate between Docip and customers.


We were able to adjust the agreement to our needs, and have our concerns addressed to guarantee that the production and the production processes meet standards concerning indigenous people’s rights.”

David Matthey-Doret

Director DOCIP