Let the Sun do the work


From time immemorial the people of Madagascar have been cooking their food on wood fires, which requires vast amounts of firewood in the shape of charcoal. A Madagascan household uses about 90 kg of charcoal every month, the cost of which amounts to a quarter of an average monthly income. Both the waste of wood and the expenditures are not necessary, since Madagascar has ideal conditions for the use of solar energy, above all in the southern parts of the island.


ADES produces solar cookers and energy-saving stoves in Madagascar and promotes the use of renewable energy sources. Solar cookers can save huge amounts of wood and charcoal. Thus they contribute considerably to the protection of the climate as well as the biodiversity, and they also open up paths out of poverty.


Solar cookers, therefore, are a great benefit to the population:

  • Dependence on wood and charcoal and the resulting costs will decrease.
  • A solar cooker pays itself off after only five or six months.
  • Cooking with the solar cooker is free of emissions, there is no smoke that affects people’s health and reduces their life expectancy.
  • There is no CO2, which is a major cause for the greenhouse effect.
  • People do not have to tend cooking fires, which frees them for other, more useful tasks.
  • Deforestation is slowed down, which contributes to the conservation of biodiversity.



ADES and Wonderlands

On the 5th October 2014, Wonderlands entered a Charitable Partnership Agreement with ADES. The Masoala Rainforest at the Zurich Zoo was the chosen scenery, perfectly representing what the Partnership strives to achieve: The protection of tropical forests in Madagascar.

With their innovative cookers, powered by solar energy, ADES offers to the Malagasy people a sustainable way of cooking while still protecting the country from deforestation and saving the biodiversity.


To date, our Partnership with ADES has already protected a total of 76,992 m2 of tropical forests in Madagascar.

"We decided to enter this partnership because Wonderlands is an innovative,socially and environmentally responsible company that shares our vision as well as our core values sustainability and fairness. We particularly like their idea of upcycling so-called waste materials, which in fact are precious raw materials. They have proven that PET bottles are wearable, feel comfortable and even look very sexy.


Since the beginning of our collaboration, Wonderlands has supported us in enabling a growing number of Madagascan households to use clean, energy-efficient cooking methods reducing their health risks, environmental impact and energy wood costs.

The Wonderlands team is easy to go along with. Our contact is cordial and our relationship is based on trust, sincerity and our care for the environment. We enjoy interchanging interesting ideas and experiences with them. So far, our partnership has required only a modest administrative workload.


We are happy to team up with Wonderlands because this provides us an opportunity to present ourselves, our concerns and activities to a target audience we otherwise would not likely reach."


Regula Ochsner

President ADES